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Starring: María Edwardsdóttir
Co-starring: Kolbrún, friends, IRC and Þróttur
Special appearance: User friendly
Visual effects: Pics
Screenplay: English or Icelandic
Produced by: Mariasoft ®
I was in the USA around easter in 1996 and bought a thermometer, the cool digital ones. Well they were still quite expensive at the time here in Iceland so I saved myself a few bucks. Anyways, to make a long story short, this one only does Fahrenheit which is like chinese to me. So here I am with this cool digital thingy and when I use it I'm not sure what it's telling me, that is whether my daughter realy has got fever or not. So I made this little thingy here beneath to help me out. I hope you can find some use in it too :)
Celcius to Fahrenheit
Fahrenheit to Celcius

And by the way, Celcius*1.8+32=Fahrenheit and (Fahrenheit-32)/1.8=Celcius just in case you want to do it the hard way ;)

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