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Starring: María Edwardsdóttir
Co-starring: Kolbrún, friends, IRC and Þróttur
Special appearance: User friendly
Visual effects: Pics
Screenplay: English or Icelandic
Produced by: Mariasoft ®
Kolbrún is my daughter, born on march 7th 1995. Most of the time she is in a good mood and especially very early in the morning. Makes it kind of hard since I am more of an evening person. But who can resist a cheerful "Good morning mom, the sun is just about to get up!"? Who wouldn't get up hearing that? Besides I know the penalty for not getting up. That would be something like cereal all over the kitchen, my make-up all over the bathroom or something else I don't dare to find out.
If you have anything cute to send her then go ahead.

Here she is on her 4th birthday :)
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